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      PE sheet
      EVA color film
      EVA high foaming
      Foam Rubber
      Sporting Goods

          Wenzhou Hengtai Rubber Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Hengtai Shoes Co., Ltd. was founded in March 1999 for domestic EVA, SBR rubber and foam sector of the larger professional production companies.
          Company specializes in producing EVA color film, EVA high foaming, EVA foam rough hole, EVA fire-retardant foam, EVA foam tasteless, PE shoe, PE packaging material, PE foam conductive material, SBR foam, NBR foam , CR foam, skis, surfboards, kick panels, sporting goods and various special foam. The company now has more than 400 employees, the introduction of advanced production line 11, an annual output of EVA, PE, SBR sheet three hundred thousand cubic meters.     Company was founded, the leadership at all levels of care and support, follow the market rules, Ping-Shou quality first, uphold the integrity of management, market orientation, innovation and development, and constantly develop new products and new markets, has won praise and praise of our customers, and achieved gratifying results, the company is developing rapidly. Our products are widely used in children's toys, gifts, office stationery, mouse pads, shoe fitting, slippers, beach sandals, sports equipment, sports brace, diving suits, surf clothing, fitness clothing, bags computer bags, construction materials, decoration, home, travel, packaging, insulation, antistatic, and other fields. Products are widely sold in Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang and other provinces, most of the processed product exported to Europe market.
          The wave of the market economy, the Ebb Tide, survival of the fittest. The face of fierce competition in the market today, the company "excellent quality, reasonable price and high quality service" as business philosophy, the company is always in the market leading position, and remain invincible.
          Looking to the future, all staff will be followed by "diligent, pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising" spirit, commitment to product development, management innovation, quality improvement, cost reduction, consistent to provide customers with good products and quality services, and all the friends work together!

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      Address: Industrial Park, Wenzhou, Zhenjiang Road 11
      Sales Hotline:0577-86611387 86611388 Fax:0577-86611328
      All rights reserved:Wenzhou Hengtai Rubber Co.,ltd.
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